Anthea’s World Of Colorful Imagination

Come with Anthea West on a journey through the rich land of Fate and the unique illustrations her style is capable of rendering.

You’re sure to be awed in this first episode of Aesthetic: our gallery series that sets a focus on the artists of webcomics!

Memorable. Vivid. Chromatic. All words to describe the work of Irish artist Anthea West. The line work is exceptional. The colors are beyond compare. The subject matter? Original with a splash of fanart fun!

With a finished comic under her belt already and another, Fate, in the works, her creations are an inspiration to all. Especially with her ability to switch between digital and traditional skill sets so flawlessly.

Comics, conventions, commissions and still finding time to be social. It seems like Anthea is a master of her trade and I can’t help but love her for it!

Look below for more information on this stunning artist and be sure to check out more of her work in support!

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