Don’t Drop The Ball On Advertising

Webcomics are a tough field to be in. Every creator is almost painfully aware of that fact from the moment they begin to look for readership. So it begs an important question: what does one do about it?


It seems like the obvious answer at first glance but therein lies another problem. Several, if truth be told. How do you advertise, where and when do you know if you’ve done an effective job?

Over the course of the next few days I (ServerPanda) will release a series of articles to start our Master Class series: tutorials to help creators make their lives just a little bit easier! This first set will focus on advertising comics effectively.

Today we talk about not dropping the ball on advertising: not becoming compliant, or losing focus on the end goal.

Advertising does not often yield immediate results, as so often first time advertisers can assume it will. Those assumptions often lead to a disillusionment and eventual fallout with the overall tactic. Often creators will then drop their project entirely from a lack of readership.

My first task today is to remind every creator that advertising is a long term goal.

Potential readers skim websites. Advertisements on them are secondary. That is a known fact in the advertising industry. (In a later article I’ll teach you how to make your ads pleasing to the eye, but today our focus is on staying on track: keeping up the battle.)

What that means is the more persistent you are and the longer you advertise, the more likely someone is to look at it and click it. They will become familiar with it. Curious. It is on par to when social media sites promote your favorite brands based on your previous online purchases. They know you’re weak to it. Through persistent advertising their goal is to wear down your defenses and essentially ease you into the idea of buying their product.

It’s the power of suggestion.

Ad words. Imagery.

You can do it too! Renew that ad you had for your webcomic a while back. Take it back to Twitter or Tumblr. And watch the graphs. The stats are there for a reason. They’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t. If you need to change up your tactics? Please do! Sometimes the ad isn’t doing the comic justice and that’s ok! Advertising is a tricky game that takes time to learn.

Now that you know a few tricks of the trade, will you do it?

Ease your potential readers into the idea that your webcomic is something they want to read. Stay the course. Don’t drop the ball on advertising.

**Next time we talk where to advertise and how to read your graphs to know if you’re doing well!

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