Sarah N, Daniel & How Horror Works For Her


There is a subtle nature to the art of Horror. Monsters in the dark. The pounding of a heartbeat. Heavy breathing. But how does one convey that in a sequential format?

Sarah N, the sole creator of the vampire webcomic Daniel, has it down to a science.

Daniel is an unfortunate tale. The story of a failed love. The story of a weak willed man who went missing, only to turn up again with an unquenchable thirst for blood. The blood of one woman in particular: the woman he loved when he was alive.

The tale gets darker. The lust becomes insatiable.

There is something bone chilling about the expressions in her art; about the way Daniel approaches the female protagonist, Christine, most of all. More. He always needs… more. Eyes dull and mouth gaping: fangs peeking just beyond his lip. Whatever he wants, he’s determined to get it from Christine and the art conveys it beautifully.

Sarah N is a master of body language. Her characters loom. They reel back. They flop lifeless. They scream with unreserved agony. Movies hold little in the way of flow next to Sarah N, making her work a must read for any webcomic enthusiast. Panels are easy to comprehend and the lettering is superb. There isn’t truly more a reader could ask for.

Keeping the style vaguely simplistic was a perfect choice. It allows readers to focus on the characters of this particular story.  And what a varied, realistic cast the creator has brought to the table. They all have relatable personality aspects worth digging into. There’s someone in this webcomic for everyone.

And it hurts when they die.

The comic subscribes to a black a white format with only the bare minimum of spot color. The choice to abscond from color only adds to the sullen, dark mood. It looks like an old Film Noir. Gritty. Misty. An expectation of gnarled fingers to curl around your throat.

There is little doubt that was exactly what Sarah N intended. Except she gave us more. Thrills and monsters, and more than a hint of fatalism that even the film industry couldn’t touch in that era. The detectives back then didn’t have a vampire to chase.

Sarah N finds her niche in Horror as a genre and yes, she owns it. She owns it to such a degree that it will leave you wanting more. Which is lucky for you because she offers just that on her Patreon along with goodies related to her main project, Daniel.

If you have a moment to curl up, sit down with Sarah N’s Daniel today and be wonderfully horrified.

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