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Some of you may know her, some of you may not (and that’s ok!), but Helen Greetham is a legend in the webcomic industry.

Humble roots often yield big stars and Helen is no exception. With three completed comics under her belt, a Slice of Life comic in the works (Marginalia) that updates sporadically, and a new Sci-Fi sure to thrill readers (The Earth In A Pocket), Helen certainly has her work cut out for her. But she isn’t backing down.

Her style is as unique as the stories she creates: blending rich tones and interesting line variations to weave together stunning visuals. Every single comic she comes out with utilizes something different in her repitoire. For example, The Trapper Lad was a blend of traditional and digital skills: using real coal in the making of every single comic page! For a comic set in the deep, dark coal mines (and seen through the eyes of a little boy) of a time long passed, it created a special experience. Readers could almost feel history itself in the art.

Her first comic, The Art of Monsters was no different. It was our first taste of Helen’s style and people immediately fell in love with it. At 50 pages, the Fantasy/Horror blend cemented itself (pun intended) as an accomplishment to be proud of.

Helen’s works inspire. I could say that as a fluff word, inspire, but it’s true: there’s a touch of history to everything she does. More than that. Her knowledge of culture is breathtaking. You learn something new every time you read one of her comics. They’re often period pieces, with the exception of Marginalia. Even that has something to teach you. Maybe especially that one. Life lessons, a little self discovery… and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. Do the thing. See the places. Speak to the people.

I remember being around on a hosting site called Comic Fury (Still running and worth checking out!) when Helen was just finishing up The Art of Monsters and had started on Breaking The Lore (Another fantasy!). Both of them blew my mind. They weren’t like anything I had ever seen before. They took the normal conventions of what I thought a comic could be, tore them up, threw them out the window and replaced it all with something, honestly, amazing. Now there’s expectations, but only when I look at Helen’s too-good-to-be-true-but-it-is comics. Can others compare? In their own way, sure. But no one will be another Helen Greetham. Her style is too original. Her writing is too unique.

Take a little walk into the wonderful worlds created by Helen Greetham– the creator who affectionately calls herself ‘Jabbage’. Browse her sites, get to intimately know her work. She’s a gem among creators.

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