Galebound: A Question of Obligation

“The rules of the wind-borne magic that bind them both”
Galebound Comic Summary

Magicians. Daemons. Noblemen.

Step into a world where magic reigns supreme but the question of exactly who is in command sits dead center.

Conan Matthias Renaud is on the run: kidnapped by a magician named Din and forced to accompany him on a mad journey to overthrow the monarchy. The king of Cymaria must fall. Of that, Din is determined.

Assassins hound their every move. Conan, left with the knowledge that the killers are after him, but no perception as to why (only that his own father is somehow involved), is forced to rely on Din to stay alive: a man he barely trusts. That trust deteriorates further as the journey goes on. As the stakes are driven higher. As the monsters they face become more deadly and determined.

It hits a breaking point. The truth is revealed and it will blow you away.

Galebound, is both written and drawn by Madeleine Ethridge: by day an accomplished Linux/cPanel system administrator, amateur programmer and the proud creator of Archive Binge.

Ethridge, better known as Respheal, has put an extraordinary amount of effort into the world of Cymaria and it shows in every aspect of Galebound. The world is rich with lore to be unearthed: each read through provides new insights. One time simply isn’t enough. The story basics are there and no reader will be left wanting on the first pass, though I strongly suggest a second or even third go at Galebound to ensure you catch all the little nuances. For example: Did you know that only magicians have an extra ring of color around the iris to prove they have magic? It’s the little things that make Galebound so delightful story wise: a true gem among webcomics.

Art. The style is simplistic and unlike what one typically finds in a fantasy setting. That proves to benefit Galebound, which is a character-heavy story with a large dose of magic-laden drama and mystery pushing it from behind. It has a lot of action. It almost begs for the bright colors and thin lines Respheal has provided. Working hand in hand with the quick movements and snappy, dramatic dialogue scenes, I can’t imagine any other aesthetic on Galebound. It simply wouldn’t be the same story.

Respheal is a master at weaving together what they do: their comic craft is on point. Memorable characters you don’t know whether to love or hate at times: they’re human. They make mistakes. Then they redeem themselves, and suddenly you realize you would have done the same thing in their position. It’s shocking. The villains aren’t truly evil. Motivations make sense. It makes them difficult to despise. Honestly, I don’t even want to despise them at this point. All I want is to see how this intricate game of chess plays out.

“I have yet to find the limits of a sufficiently-determined Magician.”

Read Galebound. Read it. You won’t be disappointed for one page. The suspense starts from the first panel, keeps moving, picks up steam and refuses to let go. It’s punishing in ways no reader will ever regret. Be charmed by Respheal’s snake charmers.

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