Nicholai Farber: The Endlessly Refinable

Nicholai Farber believes that art is an “endlessly refinable craft”, as his website says. In the gallery below, we believe that Farber’s art speaks to just how much he has already refined his craft.

Farber has two distinct styles: the first primarily for client work and the second for comics. Both are equally as detailed and stunning. Everything is original. Breathtaking.

At the studio, Farber works in illustration and graphic design with equal gusto: elated to bring individual clients and businesses alike extraordinary work that they can treasure forever. Functional and yet still entirely imaginative, wouldn’t you let Nicholai Farber design your next project? I know I certainly would!

As part of our Aesthetic series, Farber chose pieces that represented who he was to a tee: whimsical, a little mysterious and artistic to perfection.

Please check out more from this artist below!

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