Take A Ride With The Rockin’ Space Opera, SPEJS!

“Together they form the Super professional Elite Justice Squad (SPEJS) and will take on any mission that’s fun or well-paying enough, preferably both!” -Comic Summary

Shenanigans burst forth in this amazing Science Fiction by Swedish creator Jenny Hannula. SPEJS will send you reeling with laughter, high-flying action and top-tier character development. This is a series you CAN’T do without!

Set far into the future in the depths of space, SPEJS takes readers on the journey of a century. The four-part, colourful main cast of Ragna, Gav, Swagata and Morwen are sure to delight as they accompany you on their adventures. Space is huge, but the escapades of the SPEJS crew are far bigger! Highway chases, crashing a swanky party, fighting in the middle of the city with high powered, futuristic guns?!?! Count me in!

Jenny Hannula, the creator of SPEJS hails from the beautiful, picture-esque city of Stockholm, Sweden. A web developer by trade, Hannula has been making comics by night since 1998. That’s certainly no small feat, and one of which has earned them several published titles in publications such as Swedish Comic Sin, Home Made Comics and Serienördens KokbokSPEJS may be their first Science Fiction, but Hannula has the skills and experience in the industry to pull off whatever they set their mind to, and it certainly shows.

The art of SPEJS is defined with heavy lines, brilliant colors and a vast array of different body types and character designs. The aliens portrayed aren’t your run of the mill, standard Science Fiction. The effort put into the concept and construction of each race is indisputable. Hannula cares about character design to an explicit degree. Environments are given the same care: color and flavors that are rich and reliable with each page presented. The art will never disappoint.

Every chapter is presented in an episodic, yet linear fashion, leading to an interesting take on a Science Fiction webcomic. It keeps the material fresh, funky and forward. Hannula brings something new to the table with every chapter, showcasing something funny and exciting about the characters and the universe they exist within. It’s quirky and light, and certainly a far cry from the usual dingy approach most Science Fictions tend to lean towards. My recommendation? Read it for the fun, the characters and the witty story and dialogue! The Sci-Fi is there and you’re going to love it.

In conclusion, SPEJS is everything a reader could hope for in a modern Science Fiction. Fast paced, funny, a female driven cast that doesn’t depreciate male roles (while still putting the women at the forefront and powerful!), and not held down by the drama and darkness of previous Sci-Fi titles. It’s a breath of fresh air worth your time and effort!

Below here you can find links to a few of the creator’s sites! We urge you to check them out!

Main Site | Tapastic | SmackJeeves | Webtoons

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