Anders K. Sekanina’s Foxy Adventures

Blue foxes, colorful landscapes, vivid plots, wild worlds. Lavish in the art and comics of webcomic creator SeeTheRabbit.

Norwegian based illustrator and comic creator Anders K. Sekanina (SeeTheRabbit) has the qualities of an outstanding inker and colorist. Their lines are crisp, clean and controlled from start to finish. Their colors? Muted at times but somehow able to give the worlds they create a whole flourish of their own. In other comics they blend heavy shadows and sharp, rich colors that bleed onto the screen with life and excitement: bringing inhuman characters forward in ways that are larger than life.

Their use of depth and perspective is breathtaking. Their stories? Captivating.

But we here at Under The Ink like to let the art speak for itself. Go back up to the gallery and have another gander. When you’re done, do yourself a solid and check out the links below. SeeTheRabbit is currently working on a stunning webcomic called Vulperra you do not want to miss!

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