Comicadia Beach Zine – join in on the fun!

Submissions are due by August 31, 2018!

The Comicadia Beach Zine is the inaugural zine of Comicadia and you’re invited. Well, not specifically you, but your characters!

The Comicadia Beach Zine features Comicadia webcomic characters and guests having fun in the sun through comics, pin-ups, and even just character illustrations. The zine will be available as a PDF for $1, but we will also be running a crowdfunding campaign to ensure every participant gets their printed copy and maybe extras if anyone else wants a physical copy. Any PDF sales are used to supplement the costs of printing physical copies for contributors.

What are the dimensions?

The zine will be designed and printed in Ka-Blam’s manga-dimensions, making it a 5.5” x 7.75” book. One thing to consider is… what are you submitting, exactly?

Pin-up: A pin-up is a full page image, including a background, so it needs to be 5.5” x 7.75.” The image will not be full bleed, however, so make sure you comfortable with your art being scaled down about a quarter to a half an inch. We want the art to be 300 DPI minimum for the best quality printing.

Illustration: This is generally not a full-page image and may just be an illustration of a character without a background. These images will be resized and put into collages on the necessary pages. There are no firm dimensions in place for the character illustrations as we expect them to be slightly variable, but we do expect images to be 300 DPI minimum. Please be aware they may be re-sized for composition purposes.

Comic: A comic should generally follow the same dimensions as the pin-up.

What are the restrictions?

We ask that your guest pin-ups and illustrations feature your own characters in addition to at least one character from one of the many comics at Comicadia. You can find a list of Comicadia comics right here.

We also ask that your illustrations be PG13 or Teen in rating at most. Swimsuits are fine (and expected!), but we want to allow the zine to appeal as to a broad an audience as possible. We also ask that you avoid any depictions of violence, as that would spoil anyone’s fun beach trip!

How do I get involved?

We have no quota to fill and generally will seek to include every submission that we can that meets a minimum image quality – specifically the necessary 300 DPI. We also will only accept guest illustrations that feature a Comicadia character somewhere in the mix as well. We’re happy to have guests, but it is the Comicadia Beach Zine after all.

If you have your illustration finished, please e-mail it to with the subject “ZINE Submission” and include the your name and webcomic URL in the e-mail.

What do I get for participating?

Contributors will receive a free PDF copy, and per the resolution of the crowdfunding campaign, a free printed copy of the zine. Additionally, all contributors will be listed in the archival zine page with links to their work both in the zine and on the archive page.


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