Site Update: 2018 / 08 / 02

What’s new with Under The Ink?


The layout, graphics and functionality have all been upgraded and customized to suit both desktop and mobile better (the mobile version is AMAZING!!!)! We sincerely hope that you like the design!


Major Upgrades:

  • All new layouts for every archive (Including Comic Central & Press Releases), making them easier to navigate without bouncing around as much.
  • Brand new graphics for easier visibility and (to be honest) a snazzier look.
  • A horizontal scrolling header at the top for breaking news that doesn’t require a full article, or news that needs further highlights.
  • Removal of memberships. Comicadia, our main collective site, has taken over control of the forums, so we saw no need to keep memberships on our site.
  • Temporary removal of the merchandise store for remodeling (It will return!)
  • Addition of a Featured Category to Comic Central (keep an eye on this!)


Browse, enjoy and let us know if you find any issues while we roll out this exciting new view for you!


Under The Ink Editor-In-Chief

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