Call For Volunteers!

We at Under The Ink are looking for forward thinking, outgoing volunteers to help us with the day to day functions of the website.

Those interested should consider that we are a reputable news source in the indie community and therefore we are looking for individuals who have knowledge of public relations as well as good spelling and grammar.

There are several roles to be filled (some of which help our paid staff).

To be sent out (on the lookout at all times / whenever available) keeping an eye out for indie / webcomic news to add to our website. Findings will be reported back to Editor-In-Chief, ServerPanda to be distributed to the appropriate department for further consideration and to contact the creators (Headlines, Reviews, Interviews, etc.).
Areas For Potential Research:
– Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. (All social media)
– Please always return with contact information and links.

To aid our paid reporters in the writing of their articles as needed, if additional research is required. You will be given appropriate credit at the bottom of every article.
– Follow the instructions of your head reporter.
– Give all findings in organized files, as per the instructions of your head reporter.

To moderate the incoming user-submitted posts (Press Releases), and crawl the site for glitches / functions that are not working properly. This role is special in that we will screen especially hard before taking someone on for this, as it also comes with a moderator role on the site itself.
– Ensure that Press Releases are done correctly and then submit them to the site.
– Report all glitches to Editor-In-Chief ServerPanda to be fixed.

All volunteers will be given the option to be added to our About Us page as Volunteer Staff along with your role. If you wish to remain anonymous we will respect your decision.

Please note that NONE of these positions will take an extreme amount of time, and they are on a volunteer basis only. We at Under The Ink do not make demands of our staff, much less our volunteers. You are free to come and go as you please. We would simply be grateful for any and all help that is given.

To apply, please contact us at: or send a DM to @InkUnder on Twitter.

Under The Ink Editor-In-Chief

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