Missing Pieces: A new webcomic by Copper Mouflon

Are you looking for a good webcomic to read? Then check out Missing Pieces.

Scott Robinson must relive the worst days of his life to solve a mystery four decades old in an attempt to regain control of his life. Will he accept what happened so long ago and discover the missing pieces buried deep within his memory? Or will the mystery remain unsolved forever?

Missing Pieces is a thriller, drama, crime mystery aimed for a T+ (15 and older) audience. It’s an online and ongoing story about love, loss, and tragedy, filled with cliffhangers as well as twists and turns as the main character tries to uncover the truth surrounding a 40-year-old murder.

Since the 16th of June 2018, Copper Mouflon have been steadily releasing biweekly episodes every Saturday of their new webcomic series, and as of this article 6 episodes have been released.
The creators have stated that the entire series will run for about 25 to 30 episodes.

It’s also important to mention that Missing Pieces is taking part in LineWebtoon’s contest for creators, and so if you happen to be a member on their site, then don’t forget to subscribe to the comic, hit the like button and leave a comment, as they all help improve the creators’ chances of winning.

(The contest’s first round will run until the 13th of September)

Missing Pieces is released under the name Copper Mouflon, which is a cooperation between a writer (Chris) and an illustrator (Stella), both passionate about creating comics, who want to share their stories with the world.
You can learn more about them and their work at their website here.

Here are some comments other readers have said about Missing Pieces:

  • I’m loving it so far! I’m hooked – doodlemynoodle
  • Love the captivating storyline and lovely artwork! – Nicos Nipat
  • The art is amazing and the plot is great and caught my attention. I look forward to this series. – mizojuice
  • I don’t normally like thrillers on webtoon but this is impressive. I love the storytelling style and the way the author&artist subtly set up the setting without giving too much away. I’m so intrigued I can’t resist the next episode button – baeloch98
(all comments can be found under the series episodes on Webtoons)

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