Webcomic of the Week: “Here I Lie Awake”

What’s eating Zoey Ngo? It is 2:01 AM. At least that’s what the clock says. In the middle of the pitch darkness, a wreath around the trash-strewn bedroom and apartment separating Zoey from the outside world, time seems utterly arbitrary. A man-made construct that may as well not even exist. Even the concept of days, […]

Webcomic of the Week: “Karasu the Crow”

Disclosure: The author of this article is a member of the Discord server Ink Drop Café along with Nintala. The author of this article also employs and maintains a business relationship with Nintala in the creation of the comic The Human Atlas. Participants in the Webcomic of the Week column are selected mainly on a […]

Comicadia MAX begins on the 7th!

Comicadia’s monthly art exchange, MAX, begins its first round on the 7th. What is MAX? MAX is a monthly art exchange where a user is randomly assigned another user and will need to draw one of their characters.. Pairings are randomly automated so more than likely you are not drawing for someone who is drawing […]

Comics Scholarship: NATTO (National Art & Trade Tuition Opportunity)

Nattosoup Studio is proud to continue providing egalitarian art education with an expansion of our sequential art (comics) scholarship, National Art & Trade Tuition Opportunity or NATTO. Hosted by comic artist Becca Hillburn, the NATTO scholarship will give three student artists a financial opportunity to fund their pursuit of art education. Open to anyone interested […]

The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend Volume 1 on Kickstarter!

The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend Volume 1 will be available on Kickstarter through May 17. Buddy and Friend is a lighthearted tale full of dark humor. The story follows three inept heroes: Buddy, Leo and LokhTharr, who travel the world in search of an interdimensional axe to thwart an ever impending demon invasion. The […]