Under The Ink Editor-In-Chief

Call For Volunteers!

We at Under The Ink are looking for forward thinking, outgoing volunteers to help us with the day to day functions of the website. Those interested should consider that we are a reputable news source in the indie community and therefore we are looking for individuals who have knowledge of public relations as well as […]

Advertising Webcomics: Goodbye Project Wonderful

It’s true. Project Wonderful, a long standing backbone for the webcomic industry, has closed their virtual doors, leaving webcomic creators everywhere floundering. The biggest question on everyone’s minds remains the same: Where do we advertise now that Project Wonderful is gone? That… isn’t an easy question to answer, and I wish it was. Webcomics aren’t […]

Site Update: 2018 / 08 / 02

What’s new with Under The Ink? EVERYTHING! The layout, graphics and functionality have all been upgraded and customized to suit both desktop and mobile better (the mobile version is AMAZING!!!)! We sincerely hope that you like the design!   Major Upgrades: All new layouts for every archive (Including Comic Central & Press Releases), making them […]

Ridgewood Fiber: Fiber Art Studio With A Twist!

Nestled in the coastal town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick sits a small, unassuming art shop, inconspicuous from the exterior. The building is old. The paint is peeling a little. The steps are weather worn. You enter into a dim hallway and need to take a second door to the left. That’s when the magic […]

Demographics & Genre: Your Comic Fits WHERE?!?!

You may be wondering where your webcomic sits in the vast sea of media that people consume on a daily basis. It’s a confusing question. There are whole degrees dedicated to the topic and honestly, condensing it down into one article is… undeniably almost impossible. IF we were going to tackle the question in the […]