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Panels to Chords: Talking Instrumental with Creator Dave Chisholm

In this latest episode, Ben and Madi chat with the creator of the musical comic Instrumental, Dave Chisholm. He tells us about how the book came to be and how creating a concept album adds a new layer to the reading experience. Instrumental is available from Z2 Comics and can be purchased at Amazon, local […]

Ink Master Newsletter: April 23 – 29

New week, new newsletter! Welcome to Ink Master! This week was a busy week for the Editor-In-Chief, ServerPanda. Changes were made site wise and new blood was brought on to the team (yet still an experienced voice in the webcomic industry). Prepare for a great newsletter filled with excellent material! WELCOMING BEN HOWARD TO THE FAMILY […]

Keiiii: The Flowing Creativity Behind Heart of Keol

Keiiii is a star among the webcomic community. Sole creator of the hit series Heart of Keol, a fantasy comic detailing the journey of Ethan (An American lost in a land resembling beautiful, ancient Korea),  it’s a cultural feast for the senses. At it’s core, Heart of Keol is a story of family, finding what it means to […]

Ink Master Newsletter: April 9 – 15

Welcome to the April 9th – 15th edition of the Ink Master Newsletter, brought to you by Under The Ink! This week was filled with exciting, new content and features that rocked the webcomic community! Read on to see what’s up in the world of Ink! TELL THE WORLD YOUR WEBCOMIC NEWS! Do you have news for […]

Under The Ink At Animaritime!

Under The Ink will be attending Animaritime, the anime convention in New Brunswick, Canada, between June 29th and July 1st! Due to the acceptance period for Artist Alley and Vendors being closed already, we are unable to have a table, but you can find ServerPanda and WhiteDragon walking the convention floors in snazzy Under The […]

Advertising Visuals & How To Wow The Crowd!

Master Class is back with Part 3 of our Advertising Series! The first two taught you how and why advertising works, where to do it and why it’s important to keep up with your statistics. In this section you’ll learn to construct ads that are sure-fire crowd pleasers! Buckle up, grab a notebook and get […]