Category: Aesthetic

Anders K. Sekanina’s Foxy Adventures

Blue foxes, colorful landscapes, vivid plots, wild worlds. Lavish in the art and comics of webcomic creator SeeTheRabbit. Norwegian based illustrator and comic creator Anders K. Sekanina (SeeTheRabbit) has the qualities of an outstanding inker and colorist. Their lines are crisp, clean and controlled from start to finish. Their colors? Muted at times but somehow able to […]

Nicholai Farber: The Endlessly Refinable

Nicholai Farber believes that art is an “endlessly refinable craft”, as his website says. In the gallery below, we believe that Farber’s art speaks to just how much he has already refined his craft. Farber has two distinct styles: the first primarily for client work and the second for comics. Both are equally as detailed and stunning. […]

Anthea’s World Of Colorful Imagination

Come with Anthea West on a journey through the rich land of Fate and the unique illustrations her style is capable of rendering. You’re sure to be awed in this first episode of Aesthetic: our gallery series that sets a focus on the artists of webcomics! Memorable. Vivid. Chromatic. All words to describe the work of […]