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Donathin Frye: An Interview, A Man of Passion

I first met Donathin Frye online through the #ComicBookHour community. I found him to be nice, personable, and full of solid, realistic advice about pursuing a career in webcomics. Don is one of the co-founders of StART Faire Magazine, an online zine helping promote artists and their comics. I had the personal honor of being […]

Keiiii: The Flowing Creativity Behind Heart of Keol

Keiiii is a star among the webcomic community. Sole creator of the hit series Heart of Keol, a fantasy comic detailing the journey of Ethan (An American lost in a land resembling beautiful, ancient Korea),  it’s a cultural feast for the senses. At it’s core, Heart of Keol is a story of family, finding what it means to […]

Voidchild: A Glimpse Into The Apocalypse

Official Site | Webtoons | Tapas | Comic Fury David, the creator of Voidchild, has started what can only be described as a cult phenomenon. If you aren’t reading this comic, the point blank is that you need to be. From the beginning you’ll be taken into the wild story of Mary, a woman who is far more than human. […]