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hpkomic on webcomics: Raccoon Girl

NOTE: This is a review was originally written in October of 2017 and was ported over from Medium. You can read the post there as well. There have been no updates to the review beyond formatting it for Under the Ink. Raccoon Girl, by Elöise Prince, is a superhero parody comic that proves entertaining despite […]

Guillozine: A zine of tantalizing fear

I’ve lamented before about the lack of attention to horror in the world of indie/webcomics. In fact, I whined about it so much that my first article on this website was a list recommending horror comics, just to do anything to promote the genre. Even lesser attention is given to queer horror. A lot of […]

Webcomic of the Week: “Vulperra”

An entertaining, mischievous, and foxy collection of short adventure stories. The short stories that make up the canon of Vulperra are quite accessible and feature acts of derring-do and heroism, reminiscent of serialized newspaper adventure comics like Prince Valiant but without the sheer length that can alienate some prospective readers. Many of the comics featured […]

Arbalest: A story of darkness, a story of oppression

Arbalest is created by @Kai_the_Spiral   WARNING: SPOILERS! SPOILERS! OH HEAVEN’S SAKE, SPOILERS!   Arbalest is a strange comic, one I struggle to talk about. It’s not because it’s obscene or controversial. It doesn’t have to do with the fact the narrative is abstract, although it certainly is. It’s because piecing together the narrative is […]

Ridgewood Fiber: Fiber Art Studio With A Twist!

Nestled in the coastal town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick sits a small, unassuming art shop, inconspicuous from the exterior. The building is old. The paint is peeling a little. The steps are weather worn. You enter into a dim hallway and need to take a second door to the left. That’s when the magic […]

Webcomic of the Week: “Silversong”

Disclosure: The author of this article is a member of the Comicadia webcomic collective, which sponsors Under the Ink. Participants in the Webcomic of the Week column are selected mainly on a first come first serve/volunteer basis, plus occasional direct contact with creators. Professional favoritism, quid-pro-quo transactions, and bias—political or otherwise—are not involved in selecting […]