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Webcomic of the Week: “My Hero!”

Disclosure: Jim and Alli Perry are the administrators of Comicadia, the webcomic collective that sponsors Under the Ink. Participants in the Webcomic of the Week column are selected mainly on a first come first serve/volunteer basis, plus occasional direct contact with creators. Professional favoritism, quid-pro-quo transactions, and bias—political or otherwise—are not involved in selecting the […]

Webcomic of the Week: “Here I Lie Awake”

What’s eating Zoey Ngo? It is 2:01 AM. At least that’s what the clock says. In the middle of the pitch darkness, a wreath around the trash-strewn bedroom and apartment separating Zoey from the outside world, time seems utterly arbitrary. A man-made construct that may as well not even exist. Even the concept of days, […]

Webcomic of the Week: “Karasu the Crow”

Disclosure: The author of this article is a member of the Discord server Ink Drop Café along with Nintala. The author of this article also employs and maintains a business relationship with Nintala in the creation of the comic The Human Atlas. Participants in the Webcomic of the Week column are selected mainly on a […]

Donathin Frye: An Interview, A Man of Passion

I first met Donathin Frye online through the #ComicBookHour community. I found him to be nice, personable, and full of solid, realistic advice about pursuing a career in webcomics. Don is one of the co-founders of StART Faire Magazine, an online zine helping promote artists and their comics. I had the personal honor of being […]

10 Horror Comics You Should be Reading

As I delve more into webcomics, I can’t help notice a serious lack of horror. Or, I should say, a lack of coverage for horror. Webcomics are already rarely covered in the mainstream comic press, and when they are it covers mostly fantasy and scifi, genres already making a comeback thanks to books like Saga […]

Webcomic of the Week: “Fyrearm”

“Get ready, little lady. Hell is coming to breakfast.” The story opens upon a desert wasteland, with the sun scorching the ground and giant buzzards ominously circling over sizzling carcasses. At the bottom of a grand canyon—its cracked, striated cliffs standing quite like tombstones—a lone figure lies motionless, just beside the piddling yet precious little […]