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Webcomic of the Week: “The Angel with Black Wings”

Disclosure: The author of this article is a member of the Discord server Ink Drop Café along with Mharz. Participants in the Webcomic of the Week column are selected mainly on a first come first serve/volunteer basis, plus occasional direct contact with creators. Professional favoritism, quid-pro-quo transactions, and bias—political or otherwise—are not involved in selecting […]

Helen Greetham: A Webcomic Legend

Main Site Some of you may know her, some of you may not (and that’s ok!), but Helen Greetham is a legend in the webcomic industry. Humble roots often yield big stars and Helen is no exception. With three completed comics under her belt, a Slice of Life comic in the works (Marginalia) that updates […]

The Pale: A Mystery At Rocket Ridge

Comic Website | Patreon | Store A small, sleepy town called Rocket Ridge. A body. An FBI agent looking to crack the case. There’s only one problem: the agent can’t remember individual faces. He’s Face Blind. And he wants to keep that little detail a secret from the local Sheriff’s department while they’re forced to work together. […]

Anthea’s World Of Colorful Imagination

Come with Anthea West on a journey through the rich land of Fate and the unique illustrations her style is capable of rendering. You’re sure to be awed in this first episode of Aesthetic: our gallery series that sets a focus on the artists of webcomics! Memorable. Vivid. Chromatic. All words to describe the work of […]

Voidchild: A Glimpse Into The Apocalypse

Official Site | Webtoons | Tapas | Comic Fury David, the creator of Voidchild, has started what can only be described as a cult phenomenon. If you aren’t reading this comic, the point blank is that you need to be. From the beginning you’ll be taken into the wild story of Mary, a woman who is far more than human. […]