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Webcomic of the Week: “Consolers”

Consolers offers a fresh spin on the tried-and-true “video game gag comic” format. Video game-oriented webcomics have been around for a while. Arguably beginning with Scott Kurtz’s PvP in 1998 and continuing with Jerry Holkins’ and Mike Krahulik’s Penny Arcade the same year, Scott Ramsoomair’s VGCats in 2001, and Tim Buckley’s Ctrl+Alt+Del in 2002, video […]

Altar of Pine: A Voice From Beyond The Veil

“A voice from beyond the veil calls out to a debt-ridden fisherman” -Comic Summary Far removed from the relatively comfortable lives we live, Altar of Pine follows the tale of a man named Alexander in an age long ago. Indebted to others with no means of paying them back, Alexander finds himself with less than 2 weeks […]

Nicholai Farber: The Endlessly Refinable

Nicholai Farber believes that art is an “endlessly refinable craft”, as his website says. In the gallery below, we believe that Farber’s art speaks to just how much he has already refined his craft. Farber has two distinct styles: the first primarily for client work and the second for comics. Both are equally as detailed and stunning. […]

Webcomic of the Week: “7 Inch Kara”

Disclosure: The author of this article is a member of the Discord server Ink Drop Café along with Becca Hillburn, who is the founder and administrator of the server. Participants in the Webcomic of the Week column are selected mainly on a first come first serve/volunteer basis, plus occasional direct contact with creators. Professional favoritism, […]

Galebound: A Question of Obligation

“The rules of the wind-borne magic that bind them both” –Galebound Comic Summary Magicians. Daemons. Noblemen. Step into a world where magic reigns supreme but the question of exactly who is in command sits dead center. Conan Matthias Renaud is on the run: kidnapped by a magician named Din and forced to accompany him on […]