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Voidchild: A Glimpse Into The Apocalypse

Official Site | Webtoons | Tapas | Comic Fury David, the creator of Voidchild, has started what can only be described as a cult phenomenon. If you aren’t reading this comic, the point blank is that you need to be. From the beginning you’ll be taken into the wild story of Mary, a woman who is far more than human. […]

Don’t Drop The Ball On Advertising

Webcomics are a tough field to be in. Every creator is almost painfully aware of that fact from the moment they begin to look for readership. So it begs an important question: what does one do about it? Advertise. It seems like the obvious answer at first glance but therein lies another problem. Several, if […]

Sarah N, Daniel & How Horror Works For Her

COMIC WEBSITE | PATREON | STORE There is a subtle nature to the art of Horror. Monsters in the dark. The pounding of a heartbeat. Heavy breathing. But how does one convey that in a sequential format? Sarah N, the sole creator of the vampire webcomic Daniel, has it down to a science. Daniel is an […]