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Advertising Webcomics: Goodbye Project Wonderful

It’s true. Project Wonderful, a long standing backbone for the webcomic industry, has closed their virtual doors, leaving webcomic creators everywhere floundering. The biggest question on everyone’s minds remains the same: Where do we advertise now that Project Wonderful is gone? That… isn’t an easy question to answer, and I wish it was. Webcomics aren’t […]

Demographics & Genre: Your Comic Fits WHERE?!?!

You may be wondering where your webcomic sits in the vast sea of media that people consume on a daily basis. It’s a confusing question. There are whole degrees dedicated to the topic and honestly, condensing it down into one article is… undeniably almost impossible. IF we were going to tackle the question in the […]

Advertising Visuals & How To Wow The Crowd!

Master Class is back with Part 3 of our Advertising Series! The first two taught you how and why advertising works, where to do it and why it’s important to keep up with your statistics. In this section you’ll learn to construct ads that are sure-fire crowd pleasers! Buckle up, grab a notebook and get […]

Conquering Conventions: Artist’s Alley!

The tail end of winter is an exciting opportunity for creators. It heralds the oncoming of spring and therefore the grand season of conventions and craft fairs. Preparations abound. A successful selling season hinges on a creator’s ability to be in the moment: to make the sale when it counts. No amount of previous preparations […]

Don’t Drop The Ball On Advertising

Webcomics are a tough field to be in. Every creator is almost painfully aware of that fact from the moment they begin to look for readership. So it begs an important question: what does one do about it? Advertise. It seems like the obvious answer at first glance but therein lies another problem. Several, if […]