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Jillian Hall (ServerPanda)

I'm a 28 year old professional Graphic Designer and Advertising Specialist that hails from Canada! By day I work for a construction company as their lead advertising specialist and head of exterior and interior design. My past job experience was in the newspaper industry. With an audience of half a million on a weekly basis, I'm no stranger to what the job entails! Design is my lifeblood. Advertising is what makes my heart sing.

The simple life brings joy! Indulge in it but don't let everything pass you by. Step forward and grasp the world. That's what I live by. If you trust me, I'll take you places. Everything is done in steps. Don't expect a miracle on the first day: get results by careful planning and calm execution.

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Mike Wong (WhiteDragonZero)
Community Moderator

Hey there! WhiteDragonZero here! Real name is Mike Wong, currently working for a family business, but very enthused by 3D printing, cosplay, comics(more centered around indies, they need love too) and very fond of both Martial Arts and making art!

After reading comics on and off through the years and getting a bit tired of seeing the same thing over and over, being introduced to indie comics has reignited my passion to explore this unsung hero of art forms (and perhaps create my own some day!) Though it’s a goal for me to improve my skills with drawing and colouring, part of me wants to delve more into music, or bring the two mediums together; music has been a great inspiration for many ideas I want to put to paper, and would very much like to see if blending them into a comic in some way would work!

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Ben Howard
Freelance Reporter

Here I am, laid bare for Under The Ink's audience (NSFW photos cost extra):

For most of his life, Ben Howard has wanted to live in a Gothic European castle, sipping brandy and contemplating his own existential angst. Since he lives in Florida, he still does all that except with a tan and minus the castle (Give him time though, he’ll eventually get one). Ben grew up a voracious reader, especially horror and comics while listening to lots of heavy metal. No wonder he’s such a weirdo! Currently, he has dreams of being a professional comics writer. Until then, he writes about comics for various websites including The Outhousers, Graphic Policy, Loser City, and now Under The Ink. His current project is the soon the be released “Beastly Dance” short, co-created with Niina Salmelin and Edwin Lopez, and published in Artifical Gravity’s “Quantum Echo” anthology. You can keep up with Ben’s projects on his Twitter @ScaryCleve. Although, most likely, it’ll just be a bunch of rants about comic books and movies and politics. You have been warned!

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