UPCOMING: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 is International Comic Book Day! Get ready for this HUGE event! Under The Ink will be celebrating ALL that week!    Comicadia starts a Patreon! Under The Ink is included in this monumental event. Check it out today by clicking on this announcement!    Project Wonderful has CLOSED! After a long run, the webcomic advertising giant closes their doors to creators everywhere.    StArt Faire ends! The online indie comic magazine beloved by all shuts down amid much sadness. Please give them your love and support. We at Under The Ink will always remember.




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Beginning on [date], the webcomic Generic Adventures will be launching with a MWF update schedule. Generic Adventures is an exciting, all-ages adventure story about a magical kazoo.

Generic Adventures is the creation of Phyllis Creator, and her works can be found at her website.


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