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  1. Understand that Under The Ink does not discriminate against any webcomic, though Under The  Ink cannot review every webcomic due to time constraints and the small number of their staff.
  2. Backups in the queue HAPPEN. If you have been promised a review, it may take MONTHS to get to it if we are low on staff or if some of the staff are on a (much needed!) vacation or are on other projects that arrived first. Under The Ink does not enforce tough work hours on their staff. The staff is only human.
  3. Please do not constantly remind Under The Ink of your submitted request for a review. We are aware of the existence of it and are likely backed up. We apologize in advance. All comics are important to us and deserve to get out into the world.

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User Run & Fun!

Welcome to Under The Ink’s USER NEWS SUBMISSION page. Please take a moment to review our terms before you submit your news! As a webcomic creator, you are free to submit any news you have that you feel is relevant to Under The Ink, including, but not limited to:

  • Convention appearances
  • Publishing deals
  • Relaunches and hiatus returns
  • Contests
  • Starting a new chapter

We also provide you the ability to attached a featured image to your post which displays at the top of the post and as a thumbnail in the Webcomic Press Release column. Inappropriate images result in the deletion of the submitted post. If it is not an image you would feel comfortable showing your parents, it does not belong in your post.

All posts go into a queue for review by Under The Ink’s editorial team, so your content is not likely to go up right away. Please plan accordingly.

Some general rules for submitting content:

  • Please separate any tags with commas. Any incorrectly done tags will be deleted from the post. Do not use more than three tags per submitted post.
  • Please use the correct editing tools provided for links and images. Do NOT use HTML markup. We will not be going in to correct these links for you. We will strip out any html image links included in posts.
  • Image sizes are capped to 1500×1500. Your image will not go through if it exceeds these dimensions.
  • Keep your press releases straight, to the point, and appropriate for a general audience.
  • Read over your post carefully before you submit it. Posts that do not meet a publishable standard will be deleted from the queue. We do not have a way of telling you if your post is rejected, so please use our contact form for inquiries regarding rejections.

Please consider the following template as an example of a solid press release post. Please note it features the appropriate markup within:

Beginning on [date], the webcomic Generic Adventures will be launching with a MWF update schedule. Generic Adventures is an exciting, all-ages adventure story about a magical kazoo.

Generic Adventures is the creation of Phyllis Creator, and her works can be found at her website.


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