Tag: fantasy

Falconhyrste: Spell Before The Bell

Falconhyrste is about a magical boarding school full of secrets, wonder, and danger. Most of all though, it’s about finding one’s way through a formative time, making friends, making enemies, struggling with identity, and navigating through the drama of it all. In other words, high school!   Cei, the protagonist, is a shy trans boy. […]

Raison d’Etre is Resuming!

Starting on June 2nd, 2018, the modern fantasy tale, Raison d’Etre, is starting back up again after a brief break. Raison involves a group of gals discovering themselves and their relationships with one another through some mysterious stories and memories. It’s got supernatural elements mixed in with the modern-ish setting of the 21st Century as […]

Lavender Tea comic starts a new chapter!

Hello comic readers!  Starting on May 2nd, the webcomic Lavender Tea: The Sleeping Prince is beginning a mirror site on Smackjeeves! It will be updating on Fridays, Weds and Sundays at alternate times. About Lavender Tea: Jasper is a cheerful acting student with a part-time florist job. He gets reoccurring dreams which plays out like […]

Introducing Vulperra!

Yo! I’m here to introduce my fantasy, adventure webcomic Vulperra which is updating every friday. The comic follows the legendary hero Flash Gauntlet on his journeys to right what is wrong and fight evil! If you like the series, considering follow me on twitter and instagram for more art! Cheers!